December 1, 2022 in Mental Health Awareness

COVID Is Over. Mental Health Awareness Is In! Now What?

Mental Health Awareness

Last November, a new variant joined the COVID ranks bringing with it 50 new genetic mutations. Omicron began to sweep across the globe as experts feared this variant would prove to be more deadly than the last. After careful observation, scientists believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Omicron is four times more infectious than the Delta variant, but mutations have made this variant less virulent. Lower virulence leads to a reduction of severe disease, a decrease in hospitalisations and deaths. Now that COVID is seemingly and hopefully coming to a close, mental health awareness is taking centre stage.

Mental Health Awareness

As the virus slows and safety protocols relax, employees and executives return to the workplace. Employees suffering from mental illness caused by the pandemic will experience fatigue, reduced productivity and presenteeism. Businesses will now face extraordinary challenges; we have seen firsthand that employee wellness is at an all-time low.  

Over the last 24 months, HealthImpact has been on the front lines battling COVID while quickly becoming the leader in workplace health and safety in South Africa. We have supported hundreds of businesses as they navigated the unknown waters of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental Health Awareness Programs

What is mental health, and why is it important?

Mental health affects the way your employees feel, think and react. The consequences of mental health are stress, anxiety, chronic pain and depression. COVID has had a devastating effect on your employees’ mental health as they struggle with losing loved ones, financial stress and social isolation due to working from home.

It remains key to promote mental health awareness within your organisation to help your employees realise how important their mental health is to their overall well-being. Mental health issues and chronic illnesses expose your company to health risks, negatively affect productivity and have a catastrophic effect on your bottom line. 

Mental Health Awareness Stress

Can your business afford to take another blow?

The pandemic taught us that many companies are ill-equipped to deal with health challenges of this magnitude, and COVID has magnified pre-existing health issues within your workforce as well as highlighted the importance of mental health.

COVID has had a knockoff effect on employees’ health and wellness, causing a drastic rise in physical and mental illness.

We discovered unprecedented rates of obesity, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation, glucose imbalances and poor lipid profiles. Health and safety responsibilities lie with the employer, and you need to ask yourself if you can afford to ignore your employees’ health and wellness concerns? 

Mental Health Awareness Physical Conditions

Is physical exercise the answer?

How can physical activity benefit your mental health? Physical activity releases endorphins (a feel-good hormone), boosting your mood, reducing anxiety, and alleviating depression. Exercise can help increase your employees’ self-esteem and help them think more clearly.

Unfortunately, exercise isn’t the cure for all your employees’ health issues. Our observations show that many employees have chronic illnesses of which they are unaware. Most chronic illnesses need to be monitored routinely by medical professionals and managed with prescription medication. 

Mental Health Awareness Employee Programs

You need to take action now

HealthImpact will assist you with all your occupational health and wellness concerns, implement employee wellness programs and help you to highlight mental health awareness within your workforce. 

You won’t regret choosing the top corporate service provider in South Africa; contact HealthImpact today.

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